Lathmaar Holi (March 15-16)

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Lathmaar Holi (March 15-16)

Post by Raeja on Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:05 am

Celebrated with fun and frolic, considered as one of the bizarre but appealing carnival of India, Lathmaar

 Holi is not only an occasion which adds color to the lives of the dwellers but also offers the license to the rejuvenated and spirited women folk, greet men with sticks. The mores of Lathmaar Holi, however, dates back to the ancient centuries when Krishna, according to Hindu mythology, used to play pranks on Radha. This auspicious festival recalls the old, famous and primeval yester years but definitely all in good spirit. Barsana and Nandgaon, the birth places of Radha and Krishna respectively, partake in the fiesta to pay tributes to the mythological characters of Krishna and Radha. On the special day of Lathmaar Holi, men folk flock to Barsana with the intent of spreading colors on the faces of women of Barsana but get beaten by the charged up women folk immensely. On the very next day, the same story repeats when the men folk of Barsana invade Nandagaon. This is an instance when the enthusiastic local folk drench themselves in the colors of Kesudo. Dive in the ocean of color and joy while taking a look at the traditional belief and mood of celebration. Know the festival closely by answering the quiz questions which are in tuned with the passion and fervor of Lathmaar holi.

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