2 Quarts Mustard Pickles

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2 Quarts Mustard Pickles

Post by Raeja on Sat May 13, 2017 3:10 am

1 TBS Dry Mustard

2 TBS Canning Salt

6 TBS Sugar

This is for one 2 Quart jar of pickles ~ Recipe can be cut in half for 1 quart (or 2 pints) or doubled

Pack pickles (cucumbers) in 2 quart jar (or 2 one quart ~ Grandma Fuchs did her pickles in 2 quart jars just like  her mom did and were prob the same 
jars).   Mix with half water and half vinegar solution, pour over pickles and put lids and covers on

Bring to boiling and seal (I am guessing process 10 minutes because 15 makes them too soggy ~ like all old recipes trial and error to figure them out beause they know howto make it but don't always put everything down)

****Just did Millies Dill Pickles and since Grandma Fuchs didn't say process and I thought she forgot, Millie Lets her pickles stnd in hot water until pickles are discolored to ensure a tight seal /` may explain why they tured out soggy before and Grandma Fuchs' first question would be could be your on your  menstration cycle LOL

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