Welcome to My Canning Section

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Welcome to My Canning Section

Post by Raeja on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:20 am

Welcome to all my fellow Home Canners

If you have never canned before, PM me and I will help you the best I can.  I usually have people come over so I can show them how it is done, but that probably isn't practical on this website.

I like to save money and canning is the best way to do it.  I have been canning for over 40 years (since I was in Jr. High).  Now that my family has gotten smaller and I don't have a huge garden (or even a garden of my own), I have slowed down a little bit.  Instead of 200+ quarts of tomatoes each year, I might do 20+.  I don't do alot of anything anymore.

Canning is fun and safe when it is done properly.  Always use Freshly Cleaned jars ~ I keep my empty jars in the basement until ready for use, then I wash them in hot soapy water.  If it has been awhile since they were last used, I pour boiling hot water over them after cleaning and let them sit for 15 minutes to half hour.  I use to just run clean jars through a dishwasher with no soap added to make sure they are sterilized.  I only use Ball or Kerr Lids.  The generic ones at Wal-Mart and other stores don't seal very well or at all.

Some General Rules to Remember:

  • Always use Fresh cleaned jars
  • Always leave 1/2" head space
  • If canning meats or meat bases, use a pressure canner  Unless you know what you are doing do not try to them in a water bath ~ I can tell you how if you want to know but it is not recommended.
  • Unless you are using a vinegar brine, 1tsp canning salt per pint or 2 tsp canning salt per quart is added if not used in the brine mixture ~ this rule is for whole tomatoes and vegetables.
  • They say always use the freshest product when canning ~ I also can stuff when it is getting close to time to use or toss.  It is still good ~ if it is edible, it is canable 



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