Biscuit Gravy

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Biscuit Gravy

Post by Raeja on Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:09 pm

Not sure if this is a "Good Luck" Recipe but it has been a tradition in my house for moreenoughflowr to form   than 40 yrs

1 stick of butter or margarine,  melted
enough flour to form a Roux
Milk to form gravy
2# ground pork, browned
Salt, Pepper, Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning, and whatever else sounds good

Melt butter in fry pan.  Add enough flour to form a paste.  Slowly add Milk until gravy is at a good consistancy.  Add seasonings and browned pork

Serve over biscuits (home made or store bought)

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Re: Biscuit Gravy

Post by Soaring Hawk on Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:48 pm

Sounds good.
Soaring Hawk

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