Universal Friends Spring & Summer Tut A Thon

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Universal Friends Spring & Summer Tut A Thon

Post by Stef on Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:40 am

Welcome to our Universal Friends Spring & Summer Tut-A-Thon!!!

Prizes are as follows!!!
1st Place - 3 tubes of choice
2nd Place - 2 tubes of choice
3rd Place - 1 tube of choice
The prizes will be in the form of GC.....
All prizes will be sent out on July 5th at which time all tallys will be talled up and winners announced..
After Winners are announced please respond back within 1 week of the announcement

if the prize goes unclaimed the prize(s) will go to the next in line.. (Unless you have posted a MIA in the MIA section and we know that u r away..or email me here at TnAngeleyes@gmail.com to let me know in the subject line please put Tut A Thon prize)

U do have to be a registered member to participate in the Tut A Thon!!!!
Here is how it works...
There is a total of 160 Tuts!!!

Contest Rules:
Start a thread with your Name, like this (Stef's Spring/Summer Tut-A-Thon)!! 
U can only post 1 tag per tut , meaning u can only do a tut once and post it..
Please also make sure that u post ONLY 1 tut each post please...
This is how you will need to post it ,
#1 (Tut #2 , Name of Tut) 
then post ur tag...

U DO NOT have to do the tuts in order that they are posted..
Please make sure that you put ALL THE PROPER COPYRIGHT ON ALL TAGS!!!!
If u post a tag without the Proper Copyright it will be deleted and u will not get credit for that 1..

Please be sure to follow these few simple rules or you could be disqualified!

If you have any questions please pm me or leave a post in the Tut-A-Thon chat thread ...

Please have fun and can't wait to see all of the creations that U create.
And The CONTEST Starts NOW!!!!!

NOTE!!!!(There are a few that are named American Honey and My Life My Momentthey r different tuts just same kit...

also there are some tuts that are different names but uses the same kit....)

And now on to the tuts!!!!

1.Spring Time  Kit Here!!!
2.Pink And Lucky
3.Butterflies & Dreams
4.Day Dreaming  Kit Here!!!!
5.Summer Heat
6.Day With My Friend  Kit Here!!!!
7.American Honey Kit Here!!!!
8.My Life My Moment Kit Here!!!!  Scroll down to last kit....
9.Marine Breeze
10.Citrus Heaven
11.Spring Flair
13.Whispers Of Spring
14.By The Bay         Kit Here
15.Waiting For Summer
17.American Honey  Kit Here!!!!
18.Daisy Fairy
19.Mermaids Dream
20.Spring Time
21.Natural Beauty
22.Summer Heat  Kit Here
23.Catch A Wave
24.Spring Beauty
25.Bella Mermaid
26.At The Beach  Kit Here!!!
28.On The Beach
29.American Honey (Tut n Kit are FTU Now) Kit Here!!!!
30.SunFlowers (Use mask of choice)
31.Wings Of Love  Kit Here!!!
32.Beach  Kit Here!!!!
33.Strawberry Wine
35.A Day In The Garden
36.My Life My Moment Kit Here!!!!Scroll down to last kit....
37.Among The Flowers
38.Beginning Of Spring  Kit Here!!!
39.Beach PartyKit Here!!!!Kit Here!!![/url]
40.Tropical Paradise
41.Spring Back
43.Tequila Sunrise  Kit Here!!!
44.Summer Lovin
45.Summer Fairies
46.Mermaids Dream  Kit Here!
47.Lavender Dreams
48.Welcome Spring
49.At The Beach  Kit Here!!!
51.Rainbow Fling
52.Magical Evening
55.Fresh Memories
56.Spring Garden
57.My Life My Moment Kit Here!!!Scroll down to last kit....
58.Spring Haze Kit Here!
59.Catch A Wave
60.Beach Babe
61.My Life My Moment  Kit Here!!!!Scroll down to last kit....
62.Spring Day
63.Sweet Spring
64.Surf's Up
65.Lovely Day
66.Beautiful Girl
67.Summer Haze
68.Mr. BlueJay
69.My Life My Moment  Kit Here!!!!Scroll down to last kit....
70.Elegantly Cute Spring
71.Once Upon A Time
72.Tropic Babe
73.Relaxing On The Beach
74.My Life My Moment  Kit Here!!!!Scroll down to last kit....
75.Sunny Beach Memories
76.Sky's The Limit
77.Secret Garden
78.Mermaid Dreams
79.Sunny Beach
80.Sun Kissed Mermaid
81.May Flowers
82.Spring Is Here
83.Love Joy & Spring
84.Summer Beauty
85.Just Beachy
86.Spring Thoughts
87.Beautiful Spring
90.Spring A Ling
91.Tears Of Happiness
94.Yellow Spring
95.Sweet Treats
96.Summer Night Dreams
97.Happy Spring
98.Beauty Blooms
101.The Topics
102.Tropical Tequila
103.Beach Babe
104.Summer Fun
105.In Bloom
106.It's A Spring Thing
107.Summer Heat
108.Let The Sunshine In
109.Spring Stops Here
110.Golden Mermaid  Kit Here
111.Cherry Bomb
112.Island Girl
113.Thinking Of Spring
114.Spring Fever
115.Strawberry Field
116.April Showers
117.Yellow Freshness  Kit Here!!!
118.Sailor Girl
119.Happy Day
120.Sweet Summertime
121.Summer Dreams  Kit Here!!!
122.Butterflies Garden  Kit Here!!!
123.Beach Bunny
124.Spring Day
125.Naughty Mermaid  Kit Here!!!
126.Sea Breeze  Kit Here!!!
127.Some Beach Forum Set
128.Silent Spring  Kit Here!!!
129.Gorjuss Spring
131.Spring Love  Kit Here!!!
132.Seamaid Queen Kit Here Scroll Down
133.Touch Of Paradise
134.Cute Spring Kit Here!!!
135.It's Spring
136.Aqua Rebel Kit Here!!!
137.Looking For Shells  Kit Here
138.Siren Of Sea
139.Lovely Spring Day
140.Spring Fairy
141.The Wings Of Spring
142.Summer Haze
143.Elegantly Cute Spring
144.Spring Is In The Air
145.Tropical Summer Days
146.Summer In Shades
147.Springtime Fairy
148.Summer Sunset
149.Day At The Beach  Cluster Frame Here!!!
150.Kimono Of Spring
151.Spring In Pastels
153.Flower Fairy
154.Think Spring
155.Pretty Fairy
156.Spring Tea
157.Sweetest Fairy
158.Ready For Spring
159.Summer Vacation
160.All Natural

Happy Psping!!!!


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Re: Universal Friends Spring & Summer Tut A Thon

Post by KaDismal on Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:16 pm

I loved!!!!



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